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Fitness for Your Game

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Balance for Your Game - Week 1
Written By: Kelly Blackburn on Jun 29 2007
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By Kelly Blackburn

When you incorporate the stability ball into your workouts, you improve balance, flexibility and coordination for your golf swing by calling on the "core" muscles of the body. Stability balls are readily available at most sporting goods stores or you can order one from the Pro Shop.

Each week you will have 2 new exercises. This is a progressive workout which means that every week you will perform the new exercises along with the exercises from weeks prior.

When using a stability ball it is important to follow these guidelines. They will ensure that you are performing the exercises safely and you are getting the most benefit from every repetition.
  • Move in a slow, controlled manner.
  • Maintain proper form with a neutral/pain-free trunk and neck position.
  • Exhale upon exertion, inhale on return to start position of each repetition- this encourages trunk abdominal control and trunk stabilization.
  • Move through full available range of motion each repetition.
  • Avoid painful ranges of motion, postures, and positions.
When performing the stretching exercises outlined in the training programs, follow these simple rules.
  • Hold each stretch for 30 seconds and repeat 2-3 times on each side.
  • Alternate stretches to each side to allow proper rest period.
  • NEVER bounce while stretching.
  • Stretch to the point of slight discomfort, but NEVER to pain.
  • Maintain proper form to attain an effective stretch.
  • Remember to maintain proper breathing
This week we will concentrate on flexibility exercises for the hamstrings. By keeping the hamstrings flexible you will help to eliminate low back discomfort associated with the golf swing.

Let's Get Started!


Start: Sit on the edge of the ball with your legs extended (knees soft) and your heels planted with the toes flexed upward and abdomen tight.

Action: Slowly bend from the waist forward keeping your spine in a neutral position.

Finish: Once you have reached a good stretch hold for 30 seconds. Slowly return to the start position and repeat.

Tip: If you find it difficult to maintain balance on the ball, spread your feet apart to just under the width of your shoulders. Your goal will be to execute the stretch with your feet together!



Start: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and place your hands atop the ball.

Action: Flex your abdomen and slowly roll the ball away from you until you feel a good stretch.

Finish: Hold for 30 seconds and slowly return to the start position and repeat.

Tip: Keep the knees bent slightly bent and do not let your hips move forward with the ball.


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About Kelly Blackburn

Kelly Blackburn has traveled the PGA TOUR circuits as a fitness consultant and trainer for 12 years and continues her work as a Golf Fitness Expert for The Golf Channel. Kelly welcomes your email questions and comments, contact her at BlackburnOnTour@aol.com. Visit the Pro Shop of KellyBlackburn.com to learn more about health and fitness for golf!

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