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PING Golf Company has introduced several new golf products, including the Anser adjustable golf driver
Written By: GolfbloggerUK on Jul 30 2012
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PING Golf Company has introduced several new golf products, including the Anser adjustable golf driver, which is offered in four high-performance golf shafts, the new Tour wedge with Gorge Groove Technology and the Serene family, specifically engineered for female golfers. All the new golf products will be available in reputable golf shops over the coming weeks.

Ping's new product lines include the Anser line, features adjustable golf drivers and golf fairway woods, a more traditionally shaped golf hybrid and a forged, multi-material golf iron; tour golf wedges with Gorge Groove Technology; the Serene women’s family of ladies golf drivers, ladies fairway woods, blended ladies iron/hybrid sets and ladies golf putters; and the Nome 500 long golf putter with an adjustable golf shaft.

Ping Golf Trajectory Optimization

The Anser adjustable golf driver enables golfers to fine-tune their trajectory to suit the playing conditions through a combination of loft adjustment and golf shaft selections. The user can add or de-loft the driver and also choose one of four high-performance golf shafts to suit the golf swing — a process PING calls Trajectory Tuning. The golf shafts are the PING TFC 800D, Aldila Phenom, Fujikura Blur Red, and the Mitsubishi Diamana ‘ahina. These golf shafts vary in weight, stiffness profile, and the golf trajectory they deliver.

Performance-Engineered Hosel

The Ping performanced-engineering adjustable-hosel technology is lightweight and is designed not to compromise the quality of strike and accuracy.

The Ping Anser golf driver is available in 8.5º, 9.5º, 10.5º and 12º lofts. The Ping Anser fairway woods are offered in 3-wood (14.5º), 4-wood (16.5º), and 5-wood (18.5º). Each golf club is adjusted using a Ping torque wrench, which loosens the golf clubhead so the user can set the golf loft to the desired address position. In addition to changing the golf loft, adjusting the hosel position allows the user to adjust the set-up face angle to his or her preference. Adjusting the golf hosel to the (+) position adds loft and closes the face, while the (–) position decreases loft and opens the face.

Ping Gorge Grooves in the Tour wedge

Ping's new Tour wedge features Gorge Groove Technology, designed to maximise short game spin and control. The Ping grooves are precision-milled and available in three sole widths to accommodate different swing styles and playing conditions: the WS (Wide Sole); the TS (Thin Sole), and the SS (Standard Sole).

Ping Adjustable Belly and Long Putter Shafts

Ping has added an adjustable-length long putter shaft with the Nome 500 to its selection of putters. They saw this an opportunity to expand on adjustability into the belly and long putter categories because the length of these type of putters varies greatly. The new Ping golf technology enables the user to quickly modify the length of their golf putter to fit their body type, posture, and putting stroke.

For more information on Ping, please visit www.ping.com.

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