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Making The Cup a Success
Written By: Steven Gribin on Sep 11 2008
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It is with great pleasure that I announce the end of the 2008 PGA Tour FedEx Cup.  Wait, that can’t be right, we still have the TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP left to be played - 72 holes of golf to at East Lake Country Club in Atlanta, Georgia. The week after a small get together in Louisville, Kentucky.

Let me say that I give loads of credit to the Tour for making major changes in the points system after last year’s first attempt at the Cup.  I can only hope that the same will happen over the next few months.

See, I think it’s great what Vijay Singh accomplished in the first two events of the Cup, but it kinda makes last week and two weeks from now irrelevant.  No one could have predicted that a player would win the first two, but someone should have thought about it.  No one could have predicted that Tiger Woods would be injured, but someone should have thought about it.  Everyone thought about the Ryder Cup, which is the reason for a two week break, but did anyone think about East Lake occurring in the middle of NFL and College Football seasons?

So all that leaves us with is an event without drama; all that leaves us with is the question, once again, “How do we make this Cup idea a success?”

There are a number of ideas.  For those that read my newsletter religiously (and why don’t all of you?), last year I suggested the creation of a final match play system.  Others like the LPGA system that starts the last round of their Tour Championship anew.  Eighteen holes a cool million.  Still others like the idea of increasing the points awarded in each of the four events.  Whether you like any of these ideas or another, one thing rings clear: the Tour must create a system where the level of excitement continues to rise.  How do we do that?  I ask you.  Please send all ideas to Tim Finchem, and please send me a cc.

One thing is certain - whether you agree or disagree with the commish, he will always be there… maybe that other commissioner needs to take some lessons.

How about Camilo Villegas?  Six top 10’s in his last 11 events including the win in St. Louis.  A quick change of subject here, I want to say, without any doubt, that the Western Open or whatever you want it called belongs now and forever in the city of Chicago.  Moving this event is wrong.  Image, Chicago, one of golf’s great city’s, without a Tour event.  Even more of a shame is that a tournament of 100 years is moved from its city.  Now back to Villegas… the best part of his first tour win?  Not the smile; not the wonderful game; not the excitement from the crowd.  It was watching Camilo bounce his wedge as I have never seen before.  This bounce ranks with the Tiger camera shot.   Camilo is walking towards the green and tossing his wedge so the head hits the grounds causing the shaft to bounce back to his hand.  Not once but twice.  Not sure if you can find this on U-Tube or the Golf Channel website, but you must search for it.

Before I forget, congrats to local Dallisites, Greg Chalmers and Colt Knost - both are heading to the 2009 PGA Tour.  Very close to getting our congrats is Matt Weibring.  After of a number of years on the Nationwide struggling to find a consistent game and a healthy body, Matt is currently sitting in the 20th spot.  Hope you make it Matt, you deserve it.

On the rumor mill – Is Natalie Gulbis headed to The Apprentice?  Is Lee Westwood not headed to America for the Ryder Cup?  No, it’s not that his he is boycotting because Faldo did not pick his buddy, Darren Clarke; it’s because Westwood has not recovered from a bad case of tonsillitis.  After speaking with an insider in the Westwood camp, it is noted that Westwood is very weak and has lost a bunch of weight.

Finally, for those that have had a chance to watch School of Golf, thanks for so many kind emails about my son.  For me (after seeing Doug), the coolest part of the show is seeing Hank Haney in the laid back position on his chair.  It is great to see “the man of constant motion” sitting so relaxed.


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andybrowngolf said:

I think to start with we must compliment the organisers for one thing they got rite with the Ryder Cup. Somebody was kind enough to go whack Tiger Woods with a golf club in the knee to bring in some real competition into the FedEx Cup this year. The other thing that they obviously corrected was the way they remitted the money to the player’s Swiss bank account. Now I hope they do some fancy thing like hand over 6 suitcases full of that money on the 18th Green to Vijay Singh.

I guess the good things end there. But if last year is proof enough then we can say that Mr Tim Finchem is not averse to positive criticism so he will give it some good thought.

I think the best idea to have come out is to do something like the ADT Championship on the LPGA. Nothing better than having a few guys slug it out over the last 18 holes trying to pocket a cool 10 million dollars. There could be nothing better than that for television viewership. That is the only way you going to make it last till the very end. Something definitely has to be done about taking the whole season into account instead of just the four playoffs. It requires a little more thought but I think a perfect product can be worked out.

September 14, 2008 9:17 PM

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