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Nickent 4DX Evolver CYG Hosel

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  • Fri, Apr 17 2009 9:54 AM

    Nickent 4DX Evolver CYG Hosel

    It was only a year ago that Nickent Golf revolutionized the golf industry by becoming the first company to launch a driver with Interchangeable Shaft Technology that could be played on the course, not just used in the fitting room.

    The 4DX Evolver with Interchangeable gives all players custom fitting adjustment options available to a TOUR professional.

    The 4DX Evolver features the TOUR-proven qualities that have made Nickent products preferred by hundreds of TOUR professionals over the years.

    The 4DX Evolver features an interchangeable hosel that allows the shaft to be removed and replaced instantly. The aluminum hosel is lightweight and does not alter the playing characteristics of the club.

    The original 4DX Evolver was used by the winner of the 2008 Nationwide Tour's BMW Charity Pro-AM. The 4DX Evolver driver has been in play at multiple PGA TOUR events.

    Now, Nickent is ready to revolutionize golf technology once again. Nickent is unveiling an update to the lightweight hosel that made the 4DX Evolver so unique. The new hosel can be adjusted to twenty-six different positions to alter face angle, launch angle, lie angle and the loft not to mention the Evolver's original capabilities to interchange the driver with the shaft of your choice. This new technology from Nickent is called "CYG Technology" because it allows players the opportunity to "Change Your Game" by changing the face angle up to 3 degrees in either direction. The ability to change the face angle combined with the existing option to change your shaft provide the ultimate experience in adjustability and extreme confidence. On a windy day all players can choose to lower the trajectory of the ball flight to combat the weather conditions.

    The New Nickent CYG technology gives the average golfer the treatment of a TOUR professional. For years, TOUR players with access to a Tour van have had the opportunity to alter the face angle of their driver. Now any player or fitter can open the clubface 3 degrees to combat a hook or to close the clubface 3 degrees to battle the day's slice or power fade on his own. In addition to open and closed club face positions, the Nickent CYG hosel also allows the player to increase or decrease loft by to help battle the wind, or hit it high for a feathery landing or to find the proper trajectory to maximize distance and roll.

    "The 4DX Evolver driver was the original driver to offer the players the ability to be Interchangeable" said John Hoeflich, Chief Operating Officer of Nickent Golf. "Now all players can quickly change shafts and adjust loft up to 1.5 degrees. The new hosel can also change the lie angle and face angle up to 3 degrees. The ability to change face angle will improve confidence at address in all players. The Nickent 4DX Evolver with the all-new CYG hosel is the ultimate in customizable drivers."

    Nickent CYG gives all players the ability to fine tune their game, no matter what element stands in their way. The CYG hosel allows for total adjustability allows the player the opportunity to find the right flight trajectory for them. By closing the face angle, the loft of the club increases at impact which promotes a right-to-left ball flight with higher trajectories. By setting the face angle open, it decreases loft at impact creating a lower, more penetrating trajectory with a left-to-right flight pattern. The new hosel, rotated 180 degrees creates a neutral face angle and an upright lie angle. There are 26 different combinations of adjustability to customize your driver to your needs.

    The new Nickent CYG Hosel will be a feature of all 4DX Evolver drivers with no additional charge. The new hosel will be available as a regular feature of the 4DX Evolver starting May 1st at a wide variety of retail shops as well as NickentGolf.com. The same torque wrench that comes with the original 4DX Evolver is used to loosen the shaft, then with a simple click any player can adjust the face angle to find the perfect setting for their swing. With a plethora of shafts available in a multitude of flexes as well as 26 face angles to choose from the Nickent 4DX Evolver driver is in the closest thing you will find to owning your own tour van.

    The best players in the world choose Nickent. In all, 42 worldwide events have been won by players choosing to play Nickent clubs, including the 2007 U.S. Open champion and household names in the 2008 Ryder Cup. The best players in the world know the importance of quality equipment, which is why so many of them choose to play Nickent. In 2008, a total of 192 different players had a Nickent Golf club in their bag on the PGA TOUR and Nationwide tours. Nickent's full product line is designed by Nickent master designer John Hoeflich, who is responsible for some of the most famous iron designs the golf world has ever seen. Nickent Golf is located in Walnut, CA. Their products are available in fine golf shops all over the world.

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